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Ultimate Survival Technologies - Strikeforce Fire Starter and Wetfire

StrikeForce® Fire Starter w/Tinder, Orange

The StrikeForce® Fire Starter is a high-performance, flint-based fire starter that generates three times the heat of an ordinary match and will last up to 4,000 strikes.

  • Generates sparks in adverse weather conditions
  • Includes 2 pieces of Light-Me Tinder in storage compartment
  • Ignites a wide range of tinder
  • Extra lanyard hole for additional attachments
  • Striker is built into the detachable cap to protect flint and prevent unintended sparks





WetFire™ Tinder, 8 Pack

WetFire™ Tinder is a universal lighting material that is safe, lightweight, and easy to carry. Guaranteed to light in windy or wet conditions and only requires a small amount of tinder to build a fire.



  • Extinguishes instantly
  • Cubed-tinders are individually packed to maintain freshness
  • Will burn longer when wet or moist
  • Great for use in combination with any UST sparking device (StrikeForceSparkForce,BlastMatchSparkie)
  • 5-year shelf life