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What Stove do I Need?

Before purchasing a stove for your trip, into the backcountry of a provincial or national park, think about what type of camping you are going to do. Are you going Car camping, Power boating, Backpacking, Canoeing, or Kayaking? The activity you have chosen will determine the best stove for you. For car camping and power boating where weight and size is not a concern, the two burner stove is the optimal choice. A two burner stove allows you to cook meals as you would at home. Fuelled by white gas (Naphtha) they provide a constant flame that can be varied from a hot to a simmering heat.

For backpacking, canoe and kayak tripping, light weight and small size stove is preferred. There is variety of stoves that fit into well into these activities. Stoves types include: petroleum, liquefied gas, and alcohol.

Petroleum stoves are the standard for most tripping activities. They are lightweight, work well at altitude. Depending on the model they burn white gas, unleaded gas, kerosene or a combination. They readily light in frigid temperatures, prepare food fast, however they are noted for burning if not watched carefully. These stoves when operating sound like jet engine, so save your conversation for when the stove in turned-off.

Liquefied Gas:
Liquefied gas stoves can use Propane, Butane, Isobutene are very easy to use have readily adjustable flames, but does not function well when the temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius. This is a green fuel which burns clean however can be on the expensive side .



Alcohol stove

s use both Methyl Hydrate (Methyl Alcohol) and ethanol. These stoves are normally homemade devices and are extremely light weight with no mechanical parts or tubes to funnel fuel to burners. Light the fuel in a metal 

canister and begin cooking. The constant flame cannot be varied so cooking may take some time. There is no noise associated with operating the stove and is incredibly lightweight.

For all petroleum lightweight stoves it is suggest that you carry a wind screen. A wind screen helps keep heat-in, blocks gusts of wind allowing it to boil water and cook food faster.

At Joe’s Sport & Surplus, we carry two-burner Naphtha stoves primarily Primus,  and  Woods. We also stock lightweight backpacking stoves like the Optimus Nova Multi-fuel,  MSR International, Universal, MSR Pocket Rocket and the butane-fuelled Optimus Crux. Come on down and pick out a stove and start preparing your outdoor feast.