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Looking pair of sunglasses to cut out winter's glare?

Check out the quality of their lenses:


The most innovative and advanced polarized lens on the market. N3 lenses block up to 4X more infrared light than regular polarized lenses, pass Z87.1 testing, provide UV protection up to 400nm, and by significantly reducing blue light and selectively filtering UV, they deliver high contrast, crisp definition, and peak visual acuity.


Optical-quality, impact-resistant lenses block 100 percent of the harmful UV light and eliminate glare for sharp, clear vision with increased contrast and depth perception. P.C.C. lenses provide outstanding vision and protection in any lighting condition. Polarized Reflexlenses provide superior glare reduction and enhanced styling.









You were born to play. That’s why we created sturdy, lightweight frames crafted with adventurers like you in mind.

Exhaust vents incorporated into the design framework enhance airflow to virtually eliminate fog and condensation, while strategically placed hybrid vents and side vents keep frames snugger on your face without compromising fit. This unique design feature is the only system available that allows maximum ventilation while blocking extraneous incoming light.



Native Lifetime Warranty

All Native Eyewear is backed by a lifetime warranty. It doesn’t matter whether you come across an unforeseen obstacle, miscalculate a turn on a trail, or even if man’s best friend decides to use your sunglasses as a chew toy. Whatever the reason, we’ll send them a replacement pair for just $30, no questions asked. Manufacturer defects are covered for one year at no charge.


Proof of purchase required for manufacturer’s defect claims. Lost or stolen items not covered.

 Submit at Claim at

 If you are looking for sunglasses that fit your outdoor lifestyle, come on down to Joe's give Native a try.